This program is targeted for a college student (under-grad/grad). However we will on a case-by-case basis allow college students, rising college freshman and college graduates also register. These case-by-case basis students will be selected after proper review of their background to ensure a proper fit in this program.
The program provides the opportunities to network with fellow participants as well as the many speakers, mentors, and others they can connect with for future endeavors of their choosing. These could be internships, early stage funding for their ideas, mentoring and support. These are, however highly subjective and vary depending on each participant's unique situation.
The course is designed to imbibe entrepreneurial thinking in the current state of the entrepreneurial landscape. Whether the student is interested in pursuing a career in a large company or start a business now or in future, the program prepares the students with a "problem solving" bent of mind.
Based on our previous experience we expect approximately 50% participants to be women and the program is designed (by choosing mentors, speakers of both genders) to provide a great experience for women participants. They will have fellow women participants to network, and will have a chance to engage with many women speakers as well as mentors.
We do intend to have a few field trips, however they will be optional and there may be a nominal transportation fee for these trips.
"TiESV and SJSU program brings a well designed course curriculum that is most appropriate for the times, taught by well qualified faculty and mentored by successful executives, founders and entrepreneurs, and offered physically right in the Silicon Valley. This is a unique opportunity. The program is a joint effort of TiE Silicon Valley and San Jose State University. By virtue of this, participants will benefit from what is best offered by an academic institution (academic instruction and college credit) and also the industry, the real entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, mentors and executives from large corporations as well as founders of silicon valley startups. The program is unique and offers some of the best benefits and significant value to the participants:
  1. Taught by faculty with proven track record
  2. College credit upon completion
  3. Ability to interact with industry experts, VCs’ and successful entrepreneurs sharing their real life experiences in the valley
  4. Opportunity to visit campuses of various companies
  5. Work with teams of fellow students, network, make friends and build lasting relationships"
This course will be led by a Professor from SJSU and will be offered as a credit or pass/fail option. TiE is partnering with SJSU to provide additional support for the course by bringing successful entrepreneurs as invited speakers and mentors to enhance the classroom and out of class experience for the students. TiE has a large network of professionals and highly successful entrepreneurs. Please visit www.tiesv.org to learn more about TiE.
  1. Certification of completion will be awarded.
  2. Students seeking college credit will receive.
  3. Unit credit upon successful completion of the program and also maintaining satisfactory conduct during the program.
We do have several promotions available for this program, including early-bird discount, referral bonus etc. Please visit our website for additional details.
  • Discounts for siblings and multiple registrations within the family and friends
  • Register as a team and receive fee discounts
See the website for fee structure. At this stage we do not have a formal scholarship program, but contact us at sbt@tie.org if you really have financial constraints to discuss options.
  • Fee reduction for deserving candidates with demonstrated financial need
Lunch will be the responsibility of the student. However we do intend to provide some snacks and drinks for long duration days. A few times, there may be complimentary lunch served if we have a working session over the lunch period.
  • Paid accommodation is available at SJSU for those who need dorms
  • Food is available for purchase in the campus in close proximity to the classroom
The scholarships are primarily for students from low-income areas (low income and economically deserving families) and will not be available for entrepreneurs.